AC can be amazing!

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Saturday, June 22, 2019, 18:54 (345 days ago)

It's 6:40 pm and we broke down and turned on the AC. It's wonderful, a treat!

We regularly get asked how the summer is here, and we always respond with how much we love it-it's green, it rains, it get's hot, we are happy.

We have a weather station that we have been very slow about putting on weatherunderground, we have what we need to do it, just not the time!

During the winter and spring, we averaged lows of about 70 degrees F (sorry Rob, we are still learning C) Highs ran about 86. Now that summer is here, we are running lows of about 80 and highs of about 91. Not that big a difference, but shocking in how much difference it makes!

The ocean has gone from 80 in March to 86 this morning. Bathtub delightful!

The tourists, for the moment, are few and far between. The world is moving at a slower pace. We are all hoping for more rain soon, but the world is incredibly green, the greening up took less than a week and the flowering trees and plants, breathtaking. Fruits are seasonal here, and some of our favorites are here now.

Dealing with the heat is classic: Do everything early and at a leisurely pace. Take a siesta, or at least hang out/read/whatever for the afternoon. We take the dogs out for their hour long run and swim at 6:20am. We leave for our paddle by 7:30 and are back by 9. The temps are perfect then, and safe.

AC is a luxury that we treat as such. The electricity use can be pricey, but it's all relative. For those of you that monitor these things, we have a large house, two refrigerators, microwaves, 4 computers, washer and dryer, and loads of ceiling fans. We are very careful in their use. Our last electric bill for two months used 524 KWH. That's not bad, but the highest we've ever had. With care, electricity here is affordable.

Come now!! Summer is different and delightful!

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