AC can be amazing!

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"Ours was 465 Kw. 481 Pesos. Ceiling fans in every room.
2 months!"

My average per bimonthly CFE bill is 300 kWh for 60 days, approximately 5 kWh per day.
NO air conditioner, but the other usual energy consuming appliances such as refri, fans, microwave, lights, etc.

IF I had A/C, I imagine it would go up to possibly 8kWh per day, depending on the amount of time an air conditioner is run each 24 hour period.
Is that correct, a 3 kWh increase (generally speaking) per day WITH A/C?

I would gladly pay the extra 18-20 pesos ($1.00 more or less) per day for the relief.
In fact I am now on the lookout for another rental that has A/C.
Waking up in a pool of sweat is NOT "cool" (pun intended).B-)

Dept. of Health Gov. of Western Australia offers great tips for hot climates:



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