Owen Lee

by Quadra Paul @, Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 12:07 (335 days ago) @ BillyMN

We spent many wonderful times with Owen over the years. The first time we stayed with him, he invited us to accompany him to his book signing of "Prisoner in Paradise" at Amuletos. So off we went rattling up the hill in his rickety old VW van. We got to meet the "Owenettes", the group of his ex girl friends and many others. He was such a kind and generous man. He came to visit us in British Columbia and stayed for 10 days. We took him around to show him the sights on the small island where we live, and he just loved it. He especially loved our BC bud! I didn't think he was going to leave.
Rest in Peace, Owen. No more pain, no more frustrating attempts to converse with your friends. We all love you, and look forward to seeing you again on the "other side"!.... Paul

How do you describe Owen Lee? A man who loved nature, really loved women, loved to celebrate life, and had an amazing life of 'accidental' miracles! I am so grateful to have known him in his 'mature' years and introduce friends to him in Zihua. I always hoped someone would make a movie of his life, it would be a hit! Rest easy my friend, you saw the world with hope and joy and gave us a chance to share such good times with you. Love is without boundaries...Judith

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