Keeping Cool in Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, July 01, 2019, 11:58 (337 days ago)

I remember visiting my mother in Coral Gables for the summer of 1970. Being from the Ohio River Valley region I knew what heat and humidity were, or so I thought. That was a particularly brutal summer for Miami, and everyone slept indoors to the whirring and humming and sometimes even the clanking of the machines that pumped cool air into their bedrooms... except me. I chose to stay in the one bedroom in that Florida home without A/C. The first few nights were an exercise in adaptation. Showering and not drying off afterwards but just hopping on top of the sheets wet and pretending the fan was actually moving the air, although it didn't seem like it was. I soon adapted, and of course I noticed everyone else suffering the daily heat... except me. I found myself quite comfortable while folks around me were perpetually sweating and complaining and running from one air-conditioned environment to another while I enjoyed riding in the car with the windows open and sitting in the Florida room enjoying the sub-tropical fragrances and balmy breezes of South Florida.

There as here in Zihuatanejo the rains are always the Great Refresher, bringing down the temps at least during the time it rains. Last night was a typical summer night, hot and humid with mostly no breeze and only a slight chance of rain. But sometime during the night it did indeed rain, though not very hard. But while it was raining the temps dropped what seemed like 10°C, and so I adjusted the fan, opened the window a little wider, pulled the sheet over me and drifted back off to sleep. I was surprised a few hours later when I awoke that it wasn't still cool. The streets has dried completely and the temps had risen back up near what they had been before the rain. This is the effect the warm ocean has on us. Also the land is hot and radiates heat and it's in need of a good soaking rain to cool it down. While our local temps haven't reached 40°C that I'm aware of, the heat index has. But much of the rest of the coast and much of the nation all the way from Baja to Mérida have been suffering temps of 40°C and above. Heat that can kill if you aren't careful. Alcohol and A/C make the heat feel worse when you're in it.

Son mis dos centavos. :2c:

The missing 80 meters of demolished pier really makes our morning and evening walks seem so much briefer and shorter even though we try to compensate by walking around town and La Madera more. Really miss our pier.



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