transportation to Manzanillo questions

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, July 02, 2019, 19:27 (337 days ago) @ B&S

We did the bus trip to Barra several years ago. It was a nice scenic trip maybe 10+ hours on the winding coastal highway. Spend a few extra pesos for a daytime premier class bus with seats much like airline first class. Get seats on the port side so you can “sea” the coast.

We got the impression on our Mexican bus trips that most of the riders were "regulars", who were not at all interested in the scenery. Every passenger who wasn't clearly a tourist had the curtains closed the whole time, making the interior of the bus as dark and as cold as a cave. (They turn the A/C up to MAX: wear a sweater). Opening the curtains to see the scenery flooded the bus with brilliant Mexican sunshine - and woke-up half the passengers.

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