Un Zih de Ensueño

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, July 09, 2019, 12:40 (672 days ago) @ Curly!

My generation grew up without much soccer. Sports were football (USA style), baseball and basketball... every now and again a little track and field... mostly around Olympics time. I think my kids' generation have a greater respect and feeling for the game of soccer, they played it when they were young. The sport will become more and more popular, in the USA, as us old farts die off and a new generation takes over calling the shots. It's happening as we speak. The Portland Timbers have a great following and sell out home games regularly. Portland has dubbed itself "Soccer City, USA." To a great extent, it's true. Even the Thorn, the ladies team, has a consistently high attendance at their home games. Give it time Rob, the USA will come around. Games like Sunday's World Cup can only help.

I first learned to play soccer in elementary school in Louisville on a paved surface. Needless to say we didn't play much or often, but at least we had a little experience with the sport. I was lucky to get to play soccer in high school in the U.S. Virgin Islands where we had a huge field with a decent coach and some ambitious players. Also played a little bit on La Ropa Beach back in '74 with some kids who really knew their stuff. The first thing I noticed about the sport is that it isn't for smokers. Also, if you kick people in their shins someone's likely to end up with a broken leg. You have to be disciplined and athletic. Not just try to kill the guy with the ball as U.S. football often seems like. And even a match with no score or only one goal can be an exciting game.

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