Call of The Zih

by midalake @, Thursday, July 25, 2019, 17:55 (351 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Whether for relaxation, sightseeing or exercise, a stroll along thw waterfront in Zih is a rewarding and invigorating experience. Greeting old friends and seeing the tourists enjoying themselves. This morning there was a huge group of tourists with a tour guide watching as the Mexican Navy raised the flag at their base. A tradition I love and still feel compelled to stand at attention to observe and show respect.

Joe's Café Marina next to the basketball court was serving up fragrant cups of coffee and delicious looking sweet rolls and plates of food for breakfast. The waiters at Daniel's Restaurant on the other side of the plaza were also readying their tables on the walkway and on the beach for the day's comensales.

The work at the pier continues. Most of the old pilings have been removed by the vessel "Don Chava" from Mazatlán, and preparations are underway for the next phase: the installation of new pilings upon which the new pier will be built. People are going to have to tolerate the loud hammering that is likely to take place every day all day long and well into the night if not all night long. Surely some folks will complain. They'll just have to get over it. We need this pier built as quickly but also as safely as possible.

Water taxis line up off the beach awaiting the day's passengers.

The fishermen's market has been booming each morning, but a recent note in the news says their sales haven't increased. Maybe if they lowered their prices. Hmmm...

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Quoted 80 pesos/Kilo for avocados in centro the last few days "B" grade....bought "A" grade for 65 pesos/Kilo at Bodega. Swear they shoot their foot off sometimes.


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