New Day in Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, August 03, 2019, 13:51 (126 days ago)

Some of the pilings have been arriving, though in broad daylight causing traffic problems instead of during the middle of the night as we had been told last week. Not sure what the hold up was, but the pieces of the puzzle are being set in place.

The continuous influx of large families is indeed impressive. The other evening my sweetie and I tried out the new air-conditioned dining room at Joaquín's Restaurante La Porteña on the waterfront, and there was a large middle-class family there maybe from Morelia celebrating a son's 15th birthday. Courteous and polite, apparently well educated. It's always encouraging to see how Mexico's middle class continues growing and coming to vacation here. They have the potential to be our saving grace and help Zihuatanejo get back to the relative prosperity it used to enjoy more of. While we have some new flights from Canada that lots of us are excited about, I continue to be discouraged by the lack of any real promotion anywhere and by the increasing difficulty to get here from most of the USA. And unfortunately our federal government has not made tourism one of its priorities, so it's up the locals, something I've ALWAYS said anyway. And though I see some nice local promo videos here and there, either the soundtrack is awful music that has nothing to do with the region or they include something repulsive like the captive dolphins or riding quads on the beach as an "attraction", so I won't help share them.

Haven't had many sunrises like this recently, so I hope you like this photo.

Super low tide again at La Madera.

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