Ixt-Zihua gets a nod; Mex. tourist promotion, a knock

by zulualpha, Saturday, August 03, 2019, 15:20 (448 days ago)

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo was once again nominated as "Mexico´s Leading Destination" at the 2019 World Travel Awards held last month in La Paz, Bolivia. Other nominees included Cancun, Sn Miguel de Allende and Oaxaca. Los Cabos won top spot. Pretty tough competition, so "a nod" to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for making the short list.

The "knock:" Spending on Mexican tourist promotion abroad has been drastically reduced. The federal government plans to re-alocate much of the six billion peso budget to a project called the Maya Train, and to assorted health and welfare programs. Mexican Embassy and Consular staff will receive a crash course in tourist promotion, in an effort to stimulate international visits. This while the number of "snowbird" air arrivals to Mexico declined in the first five months of 2019, compared to the same 2018 period. (news reports)

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