one shooting in mexico

by jay, Sunday, August 04, 2019, 16:24 (100 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Trump didn't actually pull the trigger so he's not directly responsible. But his inflammatory rhetoric certainly contributed mightily. This is not new to Trump though. This sort of bullshit fear-mongering propaganda has been used by the right for decades. Republican strategy has been predicated to ignore the moderates, feed an unending stream of dishonest raw meat to their base to keep them in a frenzy and frothing at the mouth, and then hope for a huge turnout. That (and voter suppression and gerrymandering) has helped them eke out victories. But the downside is that this kind of rhetoric throws gasoline on an ammunition dump; that some of the most dimwitted and unhinged of their base will believe the bullshit and try to resolve problems with their semi-automatic second amendments. But Trump and Republicans will skate, as they always do, leaving misery and wreckage behind, as they always do, while we wait for the next mass shooting, which figures to be about the end of next week.

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