Ixt-Zihua gets a nod; Mex. tourist promotion, a knock

by Pam in NJ ⌂ @, Morristown, NJ, Monday, August 05, 2019, 07:04 (447 days ago) @ midalake

I have been traveling to Zihuatanejo for 20 years. Connecting flights are not a bother to me. Overnights are not a bother to me. I've traveled with overnights on both legs just for a 3 day stay in Troncones - most people wouldn't think of it.

I know of a handful of people from NJ/NYC/Hamptons/Maine who do travel to ZIH they stay for several weeks/months at a time.

From the NY airports, NonStop flights are offered to Cabo, PV & Cancun. Most people & families traveling with children will tend to navigate toward non stop flights.

During High Season here is what we have to choose from if we're flying out of the 3 NY metro airports:
(I only checked Saturday outbound flights)

From Newark: Flying United. If you connect in HOU, there is one flight per day to ZIH (as mentioned in Carol's thread) - in order to connect with that flight, you must take a 5:45am flight out of Newark. That means arriving to the airport at 4am. If you connect in CDMX, you generally incur an overnight stay on the outbound. Same day connects are easier on the return thru CDMX.

From JFK: Flying Aeromexico. The connection is through CDMX. Flight options are either a 6:00am departure that has 2 stops: ATL & CDMX -or- a 1 stop through CDMX that departs at 1:20am. There are other flight options but all are 2 stops and require an overnight in CDMX.

From LaGuardia: There is one flight on Saturdays via AeroMexico. Ironically, it mirrors the 6am departure from JFK. American has options - the 1 stop departs at 5:55am or 6:29am and goes through DFW. After that the flights involve 2 stops with an overnight.

1 stop connections average 10 hours of travel time from the time the plane is scheduled to depart until the plane lands in ZIH. In HOU you have to factor in a terminal change to the connection time - it's a race. This does not include the 2+ hours that you have to arrive to the airport prior to the flight.

Without a non-stop, it's not so easy to get there from here. I'm not an expert on aerodynamics so I don't know how big of a plane (fuel tank) they would need to fly non-stop. And, not to bring up travel warnings, but the Level 4 Travel Warning that the US has imposed on Guerrero doesn't help getting new folks down there either.

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