Flight from Mex City to Zihuatanejo

by BL @, Sunday, August 18, 2019, 14:47 (184 days ago) @ Ottawa Joe

We will be spending New Years Eve in Mexico city and two more nights then flying on to Z on Jan 3rd. I notice there are 4 different airlines listed with 5 flights the prices are $66 CAD to $89 CAD each. Interjet and Volaris have the best timing for check in, any preference?

As a side note they are all non stop flights however the listings show a difference of 55 minutes to 1 hr 25 min. :ponder:

Difference in flight time has to do with aircraft used. Aeromar uses small planes (if you understand airplanes, they have two ATR 42, and seven ATR 72-600). Aeromexico sometimes overstates/pads their flight time in order to qualify as an 'on-time' airline.

Please note Interjet and Volaris fly out of terminal 1, and Aeromar and AeroMexico out of terminal two. There is an airtrain that is quite efficient, but it is outside security so plan for making time for that.


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