Moved to Ixtapa, looking to connect with other expats

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, September 01, 2019, 13:16 (178 days ago) @ Duke

My wife and I moved to Ixtapa a couple of weeks ago and are slowly settling in. I love the heat, she doesn't...lol. Anyway, I am curious if there are any meetings, local pubs and such, where expats like us kinda go to meet and visit. We would love to join in and meet some new people.

On another note, I am looking for info on any pickup soccer and basketball teams that may be in this area for ''mature'' guys. I see a lot of soccer going on and regular basketball games on that court downtown Zihua.


Bienvenidos a Zihuatanejo. Espero que ustedes encuentren tanta felicidad aquí que yo he encontrado.

Someone else may be able to help you with locating ex-pat culture and hangouts. I invite you to enjoy Mexicans and their culture. They’ve always been what I’ve enjoyed most about living here. Domingos culturales at the Cancha Municipal. Even the Fiesta Mexicana at some of the Ixtapa hotels.

Septiembre is Mes de la Patria, and the night of the 15th the Presidente Municipal will give El Grito de la Independencia at the Palacio Municipal, and there are usually many special dinner events at some of the local restaurants and hotels with Mariachis and cultural entertainment that I hope you and your wife will take advantage of.

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