Disgusting Grossness

by rdcosta @, Sunday, September 01, 2019, 18:15 (777 days ago) @ frostbite

We went on a cruise after 9/11 and after one of our group talked to the captain we were granted a full tour of the ship from the wheel house to the engine room. We were shown a state of the art sewage treatment plant on board and were told by our guide that no untreated sewage was released into the ocean, and if they did and were caught they could potentially risk losing the ship. He also showed us where the desalination department was and told us the amount of sea water that was treated per hour.
We could only take him at his word but everything he said sounded legitimate and as we were a group of Sewer and water contractors and plumbers there were a number of people that worked in the sewage treatment field and they were satisfied that what he was saying was true. I am sure that there are regulations for these and in fact all modern vessels that regulate them
Just my two pesos worth but I believed what we were told and he had all the facts an figures to back it up

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