Refrescados, Revividos y Revivos en Zih

by CountryDancer @, Vancouver, Washington, Sunday, September 01, 2019, 20:08 (776 days ago) @ frostbite

"I don't doubt that the occasional cruise ship passengers have fallen in love with the area and decide to return on their own. But, as has been mentioned here before, they are picked up at the pier and bussed to Ixtapa."

I am one of those who was introduced to Zihuatanejo via a NCL Cruise back in 2007. I've been visiting nearly annually since then. I've introduced several friends to "my favorite place in the world". I always stay on Playa La Ropa, I often take the bus in to town to shop or have a meal. Usually take a cab back to the hotel.

I've never been to Ixtapa, just doesn't seem like my kind of place.

I've gone to Barra De Potosi on every visit (taking a boat ride and having a meal); visited Refugio De Potosi several times and taken the bus to Los Achotes to tour the museum at Soledad De Maciel; I visited Petatlan on one of my early visits. A friend who lives a few hours from Zihuatanejo has come to visit and we've been able to meet one of the family's that make roof tiles.... looks easier than it is.

My husband and I had strongly considered moving to the area, but he passed away in May due to several Agent Orange related illnesses (Vietnam Veteran). He'd been ill for several years, his last visit to Zihuatanejo was in 2014.

Me, I'm headed down in December.

~ ~ Country Dancer

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