The Lorax, "I speak for the trees!"

by midalake @, Tuesday, September 03, 2019, 20:20 (690 days ago) @ Talley Ho

Here, it's the Departmento de Ecologia.

We got busted today.

We have one huge and one medium size mango trees in our back yard. After much deliberation, we had the huge one cut back to a reasonable size. They grow very quickly, and we shouldn't miss a season of fruit, and will be able to pick more to eat because we will be able to reach them.

The medium size tree we had cut back because the roots are damaging the house. Final plans have/had not been made about it's fate.

The cutting started yesterday, and at 5 pm we shut him down. It was hot, he had worked for 7 hours and couldn't finish. There was a huge pile in the front yard on the road. Today, he finished trimming, and with a helper hauled all the waste out front. It finally fit into four truck loads.

Mid afternoon today, two very polite gentlemen arrived from the Departamento de Ecologia. They explained that we did not have a permit for trimming the trees and needed one before the work started. OOPS!!!!

They were extremely nice and informative. We were too. Of course-we were wrong. Not knowing is no excuse.

In order to trim or remove a tree, with very few exceptions, you need a permit. Go to their department at the Palacio Municipio, apply for it, they will come out and inspect, and then either grant or deny the permit. We were told it was very inexpensive, about 300p. Ours would have been approved if we had applied.


So, we didn't receive a "ticket" as we understand, but have a paper that we have to take in to their office tomorrow morning at 10 and deal with. They told us repeatedly not to worry, we now understood the rules and it was OK. Cross your fingers for us!

Here are the rules for trees as explained to us: Palms may have their leaves and cocos trimmed with no permit. They may not be cut down/removed without a permit.

Any branches with a diameter of more than 14 cm on any tree must have a permit to be removed or trimmed. Removal of any tree requires a permit.

They really appreciated that we knew that certain trees were protected, parota being one of them.

My first dog was named The Lorax. Long live The Lorax!

My guess 300p is substantial for many who live there. How ABSURD you are not allowed to trim trees in your own yard without a permit.


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