The Lorax, "I speak for the expensive trees!"

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, September 04, 2019, 13:53 (689 days ago) @ Talley Ho

When we went to the Departmento de Ecologia this morning at 10, the decision had already been made. The decision was explained to us and we were fined 4,224. pesos. That was for trimming the large mango tree without a permit.

We were not charged (as we understood) for trimming the medium size mango tree that was breaking up our house.

Lesson learned. She told us that you don't do ANYTHING to ANY tree without coming in to their office and having them look at the trees.

Ustedes fueron delatados por un vecino o una vecina. Whichever neighbor snitched on you owes you $5,000 pesos. They better hope I don't find out who it was (though I have my suspicions). The price you pay for being "rich gringos" and living on a highly transited road in view of busybodies. Whether or not this bothers you, it bothers the hell out of me knowing what I know about who gets away with what. You TRIMMED your own friggin' tree, fer cryin out loud! You didn't kill it. These hypocrites in the ayuntamiento kill trees all over town all the time on a whim, besides allowing land invasions that have totally screwed up our hillsides, our bay and pretty much every other facet of life here. Ecología also gives permits all the time to kill trees that shouldn't be just because someone has some influence. If they're applying the law so strictly then I want to know why they aren't also applying the law to noise polluters. Yes, Ecología, not the police, are the authority entrusted with regulating the noise from the bars. So if YOU get fined then I want to see these loud open-air bars operating with no regard for their neighbors get fined over and over. Saturday nights downtown is pretty much an intolerable cacophony for anyone daring to try to sleep with windows open before 4:00 a.m. Never mind the boombox vehicles and the putamobile driving around drowning out everyone else's lives with their noise. The hypocrisy really burns me up!

I should've gotten involved, but I was curious what would happen to you, and I regret that my worst fears were confirmed. I feel like I let you down.

Where did you pay? Did you get a receipt? I'll be seeing the Director de Ecología in a few days and you can bet I'll bring this up with him if I get the chance.

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