Med Flight Insurance Carrier ?

by kjgco @, Colorado, Friday, September 06, 2019, 14:45 (772 days ago) @ Z MadCity

I've been looking in the archives, some of you have flight insurance in the event of necessary medical evacuation.
Since policies keep changing their options/coverage, my husband and I are shopping for a suitable one for our annual 6 months in Zihua.
May I ask what some of you are using? Eg, I was looking at "Medjet Expat 365" and the fine print says they can choose to not fly into areas deemed 3 or 4 danger by US Dept. of State, which leaves out Zihua, unfortunately.
I did speak to an AirMed agent this morning --they sound like a promising carrier? May I ask for thoughts from any of you willing to share info on this?
As always, thanks to ZihuaRob for this very valuable Board for our dialogue and questions!!

We've used to comparison shop price/features. Just purchased a Berkshire Hathaway policy earlier today.

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