Med Flight Insurance Carrier ?

by Sarah Ash, Friday, September 06, 2019, 17:52 (772 days ago) @ Z MadCity

I am the SkyMed Team Leader for Mexico. SkyMed DOES evacuate members from Zone 4 in Mexico....most look alike plans do NOT! SkyMed has evacuated members from Zihua, Troncones and Ixtapa! SkyMed is the Gold Standard of Medical Evacuation other plan can match the flexibility and comprehensiveness of a SkyMed Plan because the others all have small print which restricts when an evacuation can happen, they DO NOT guarantee renewal as SkyMed DOES and other plans DO NOT transport members home who are NOT HOSPITALIZED. SkyMed will transport members to the home hospital of their choice in the USA, Canada or Mexico if they have received a series diagnosis even if they are NOT hospitalized...if they need immediate further testing / treatment to avoid loss of life or loss of function of limb or organ! In a medical emergency you will either be glad you have SkyMed or wish you did!
Please contact me for further information and a clear illustration of how SKyMed OUTPERFORMS all other look alike plans.
MX Cell 415 125 3537
USA Cell 928 255 0220

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