Med Flight Insurance Carrier ?

by Ironwood @, Sunday, September 08, 2019, 17:20 (770 days ago) @ Lilyana

Is it also the case that the treating doctor in Mexico is required to confirm that you (the patient) should be medically evacuated to a hospital of your choice in your home country?

If the treating doctor in Mexico feels that he/she can provide adequate medical treatment and isn't willing to sign off then you do not have a choice to be evacuated. This could be a problem.

Also, you must be deemed stable enough to fly.

..........and if you are stable enough to fly, why would you need medivac anyway? Not to be too negative, but these are some of the concerns we have as well. Although we have no first-hand experience, common sense tells me that folks are dreaming if they expect their medivac plan will unquestioningly fork out tens of thousands of dollars to fly someone a few thousand miles to the hospital of their choice because they would prefer to be home. If having that insurance provides some peace of mind, perhaps it's worth it. But it's what happens when the rubber hits the road that counts. The very last thing I would want to be doing when faced with a medical emergency is arguing with the insurance company whether medivac is necessary or not.
Given our current health problems (we're both in our mid-70's), the kind of health emergency we might reasonably expect to face would probably rule out a medical evacuation anyway: there wouldn't be enough time and any medically-trained personnel on the medivac flight probably wouldn't have the equipment or the expertise to be of much use.
Let's be clear: Zihua isn't Mazatlan or Guadalajara when it comes to facilities able to handle a medical emergency. Life's a crap shoot anyway you look at it.

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