Epic Monarch Butterfly Tours This Coming Season!

by Jennifer Bjarnason ⌂ @, Patzcuaro, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 00:41 (336 days ago)

WINTER IS COMING: Get your summer started in November!

This winter, Join award winning scientist, Dr. Pablo F. Jaramillo López in a once in a lifetime scientific adventure. Hike through the Mexican Oyamel forests and find the colonies of millions of monarch butterflies that migrate from Canada and the US to their overwintering home in Mexico.


Visit a private Monarch butterfly colony that is closed to the public
Our small group size of 26 means no time restrictions with the colony, in comparison to 15 min time limitations in reserves where thousands of people arrive daily.
Have dinner with local indigenous peoples who live inside the reserve
Travel to and from the reserve in the back of pick-up trucks, local style
Taxi transport from Jungapeo to Zitacuaro is included
All meals and accommodations are included.
Assistance getting to Jungapeo from wherever you are!

Eco Science Monarch Butterfly Tours

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