Med Flight Insurance Carrier ?

by tay50 @, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 08:42 (767 days ago) @ cd69

Having the flight insurance is a good idea, but the first issue you have to deal with is all the money you need during the medical issue. I had posted about our friends heart attack he had on vacation this past March, after some smart ass comments I just dropped it. He ended up at Hospital General and the money milking machine started, not just a few pesos but thousands of them, more than we could withdraw in a single day on our atm cards. The hospital administrator is a little prick he doesn't care about nothing except money, and every time we paid the money he asked for, we got asked for more. Only when we grabbed the money off the table and started to walk out, he stopped, at least we thought so. The whole time this was going on there was constant pressure on us telling us our fried would die if we didn't get the money he requested, funny thing he also didn't want to give us receipts? Also don't try to use credit cards they won't take them there at Hospital General anyways. So long story short, $28000.00 later our friend back in the US in Texas, (we live in Michigan) for treatment and the life flight, was not included in the 28 grand, our vacation package insurance paid that. I could go on with the whole story but it would take up a lot of time. Our friend is doing fine, only ended up losing about 5% percent of his heart function.

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