Med Flight Insurance Carrier ?

by tay50 @, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 16:27 (767 days ago) @ mexicoman

Yes US, that was from the start of the heart attack to the flight home from San Antonio Texas where the Med Jet took him from Acapulco. He went from Zih by ambulance to Acapulco, where he under went stent surgery, $14000 up front, then was finally good enough to fly, the final $10,000 was due. My friends wife had to call her CC company to increase her credit line to pay off the hospital bill. They tried like hell to kill him while he was in the hospital, but he fooled them and lived. The doctor took to long inserting the stents and caused him to have 3 mini strokes, according to the doctors in San Antonio. Then they gave him some medication that was causing him to act erratic, his wife told them to stop giving him that medication and he was doing better. When she left the room to shower they gave it to him again causing him to go crazy again. Once they left that hospital via Med Jet to go to San Antonio, they took him off all the drugs and started their own medical plan of action he was fine and coherent within a day. So after several months and many phone calls and tons of paper work they ended up getting 99% of their money back through insurance.

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