Interjet issues?

by NYCJulia, Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 07:58 (296 days ago) @ midalake

We have flown Internet many times, within Mexico and back and forth between NYC and Z. Prices were always the best, and service was commendable BUT one warning about all the lower cost airlines...if your flight is cancelled for any reason, especially weather, you are totally out of luck. In early January 2018 we were scheduled out of JFK which had been hit by a huge snow storm the day before. Although JFK was back in operation, Interjet sent an email early in the morning cancelling flight with a contact telephone number. No one ever answered the phone although we tried it continuously. We were already on our way to the airport, and since we could get no info from Interjet we caught the last Delta flight of the day for an exorbitant amount of money, but we had booked a room reservation for 8 weeks and were ready to roll. Friends who were coming down with us but had booked originally with Delta were put on another Delta flight without a problem. ONE WEEK LATER Interjet sent us an email at 10AM, advising us that we were booked on a new flight departing from NYC at 9AM, an hour before we recd the email. By then we had spent a week in Zihua. I corresponded with Interjet for months to no avail as they claimed the flight was cancelled “due to an act of God.” The smaller airlines obviously have fewer planes and usually no partnerships where they can reroute you. If all goes well, it is a great deal, but if anything goes wrong, you are left on your own.

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