Joy To Zih World

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 12:07 (254 days ago)

Last night it rained most of the night. Only briefly was it hard enough to warrant being vigilant for flooding. Most of the night it was a perfect light rain that cooled down the temps and made snuggling under the bedsheet optional. It also drowned out the noise from the bars. Yes, even on a Monday night the drunks gotta get their fix, mostly very young people pretending to be adults, because nothing says "Soy un adulto" like drinking and shouting all night long then getting in your car to drive home, and if you make it, going to work hungover.

This is the time of year when neighbors do their best not just to get by until the season begins in November, but we also try to support our neighbors by buying local from our neighbors' stores and extending them credit when they ask for it, a custom I have always cherished about Zihuatanejo though I've seen it abused, albeit rarely, surprisingly by foreigners on extended stays. I hate seeing my kind neighbors taken advantage of. We're all just struggling to get by, some more than others.

The rainy season is always hard on our fishermen who often get caught out at sea during a rainstorm. While they usually don't go out when there is lightning present, sometimes they get caught off guard and exposed. We appreciate very much their hard work and easily tolerate their excesses during the morning after a long night at work when they come back and chug a caguama and sometimes get a little loud at dawn after selling the fruits of their labors. It's always been that way here as it is in many fishing communities.

This canoe has been around for quite some time. It appears in several photos I've taken over the years.

Not only is there no "NO WAKE ZONE" where there should be in Zihuatanejo, the concept is completely unknown by most of our panga operators.

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