Two totally unrelated questions, Rob

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, September 30, 2019, 09:28 (243 days ago) @ connie

First, do you know if the machine that does cardioconversion is available at any medical facility in Zihuatanejo? It is used to stop a-fib. It is not the same as the "paddles" that are used to re-start a heart; it "converts" an irregualar heartbeat back to its usual rhythm.

Secondly, we would like to help pay for some school kids' school supplies, book bags and uniforms, as necessary. Can you put us in touch directly with some kids who could use such help? Approximately, how much per child per school year does it cost?

Thanks so much for both points of information.

Hola Connie,

My wife helps many needy families and their children with donations she receives from my readers, but putting foreigners in contact with them is not something I think she would be comfortable doing. While I post photos of some of the recipients, they retain their privacy. I know sponsoring particular children is a popular format with some charitable international organizations, but with Lupita it is personal because these are mostly friends and neighbors and family members of people she has known much of her life. People who are shy. People who are proud. People who are embarrassed to ask for help from strangers.

What Lupita tries to do is accumulate enough donations to help a small classroom or group of children at a time, though when donations are scarce she will simply help individuals and families that she knows, such as children of indigenous wandering vendors, or children who work as the breadwinners in their family.

I have no idea what a child pays for a semester of school supplies and uniforms. Maybe my wife does, but she's out right now. The uniforms alone with a couple of pairs of shoes are probably around a couple thousand pesos. I'd rough guess another thousand for the rest of the supplies.

I've no idea about the medical device you inquire about, and I wouldn't know where to begin that inquiry. Morelia or Acapulco probably has such medical technology. Maybe one of my readers knows.

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