Narda Does Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, September 30, 2019, 11:25 (112 days ago)

Rivers overflowed up and down the coast of Guerrero washing out bridges and causing landslides and flooding. The Costa Chica is cut off along the coastal highway. Just before Petatlán the road is reduced to one lane. Coacoyul suffered severe flooding. Pantla. Barrio Nuevo. Barrio Viejo. Pozquelite. A lot of Zihuatanejo flooded as usual but we were lucky in our little corner of town.

One heartening story was the rescue of several horses by citizens of Coyuca after they had been spotted being swept away by the river. I believe I posted both the video of them being swept away and the story of their rescue on my Facebook page, in case anyone's interested.

From the brief sojourn I took late yesterday afternoon, what struck me the most was the obscene amount of styrofoam everywhere. Cups and plates mostly broken into pieces spread over the streets, beaches, parks and plazas. All of that trash was due not to Narda but to careless mindless unthinking people who think nothing about tossing it on the ground or in an arroyo. It washed out into the bay and was blown back ashore by the winds. Most of the food sold by street vendors comes on styrofoam plates. Most of the micheladas bought at streetside stores comes in styrofoam cups. Since there's not likely to be any mass epiphanies anytime soon, our municipal government should ban those types of containers in our community. Same as with single use plastics.

This is the only photo I dare show from yesterday. The water had been up almost to the white painted area earlier. If you look carefully you can still see some pieces styrofoam stuck to the high water mark.

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