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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, September 30, 2019, 18:01 (112 days ago) @ mosesk

As a fairly new visitor to Zihua, would you say that a storm of this strength is a fairly "common" occurrence, like once or more times per year?
Or more like once every few years or so?

It seems to rain a lot less than it used to. This type of storm used to be more common. Many a year it used to rain weeks at a time, but since we didn't have smartphones with weather apps or even The Weather Channel we had no idea what was coming or what was here beyond the Boletín Meteorológico that the Armada de México posts on their wall by the pier each morning. So it used to be a place where all the fishermen and anyone else interested in knowing the weather would pass by every day to read their report. I doubt most people reading here ever noticed it was there.

The problem with the rains seeming to cause worse flooding than they used to is because all the roads, buildings and cleared land cause the water to run off the hillsides faster than it ever used to, and less is absorbed in the ground. The old arroyos used to be the natural drains, but now you can't hardly find any that haven't been obstructed whether with construction, yard trash or garbage. Much of which eventually ends up in the bay.

I don't know if you recall the Ingrid/Manuel storm of 2013. That was essentially 3 straight weeks of daily deluge that did a lot of damage up and down the coast as well as in the sierra. Like Hurricane Pauline that hit Acapulco in 1997, that was a rare storm, but then again I recall Patricia just a few years ago, the biggest hurricane ever recorded at that time. It sat and hovered off our coast for about 3 days, yet we barely got a sprinkle, than it moved north and slammed the coast of Jalisco. You just never know when it's our turn, but you should always expect to go several days cut off from the outside world here as much from tropical storms during hurricane season as well as from seismic events.

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