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by Laura ⌂ @, Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 21:41 (3931 days ago) @ Sharkboy

I highly recommend Lupe for massage! She is located on the beach property of Casa del Encanto B&B (humbly recommended by yours truly - the owner). Our beach property is just past the yellow hotel (Valparaiso) which is just past the blue and white hotel (affectionately known here as 'Hotel Hotel' though it's full name is Hotel Barra de Potosi).

Lupe puts a lovely sandwich board sign on the beach in front of the property when she is there. She has a standard table and works in the privacy of a little hueso cabana. She give a fabulous Swedish with some Reflexology and Hot Cupping. Lupe is strong and has a talent for finding the muscles. I have had so many people rave about her through the years. Lucky to have her there.

The other lady gives massage in a tent located on the beach just in front of the School. She has been known to say her name if Lupe when I sent people to find Lupe...huummm. I haven't tried her massage.


Hasta pronto,
LauraCasa del Encanto B&B Barra de Potosi

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