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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, October 06, 2019, 13:13 (283 days ago) @ GordJ

Did the local restaurants or shops have any tours on the ships roster? Its hard to complain if they didn't promote the city with the cruise line. I'm no cruise expert but the few cruises that I have taken we had our tours laid out before we embarked. If a city tour wasn't on the itinerary then the passengers would have virtually no information about Zih and would be taking one of the packaged tours.
But I guess its easier to blame unnamed politicians for their failure in promoting the downtown businesses rather than the businesses who waited for "someone" to do it for them?

No, sir. I don't blame restaurants or shops for not planning and promoting tours, or tour guides for not seeking kickbacks to take tourists to said shops and restaurants. With all due respect, I blame mostly the cruise lines' business model for selling tours but I also blame gullible and uninquisitive tourists, though as I mentioned I'd prefer that politicians not take up their shore time for photo ops. I'm not a big fan of mob tourism where tourists are so much cattle to herd around, but maybe it's just me and that's the way a lot of tourists like to travel. Fine for them, but not for Zihuatanejo. Both the visitors and the community lose by having uninquisitive unadventurous tourists who might as well be visiting a deserted island. Historically they have not been tourists who visit or enjoy much about Zihuatanejo, though of course there are exceptions as several repeat visitors here will attest to. We have historically been more appealing to and benefited more from a more adventurous type of traveller. Not folks who come here on a whim or who are seeking a Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Beach type of vacation.

I've never had any desire to travel by cruise ship, but if I did I would do my homework beforehand as many do to make my own plans for each destination instead of simply being someone else's passenger. Hiring a tour guide to take you to Las Gatas, Isla Ixtapa, La Chole, Barra de Potosí, Troncones or a local walking tour is one thing, but riding around on a bus from the ship to Ixtapa's shopping centers and international hotels is another. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you can now see more of a destination's countryside on Google Earth than you will from the window of a tour bus. Then you can plan to go visit what interests you on your own via a local taxi, rental car or tour guide. A win-win for both the destination and the traveler.

That's why I've never been a big fan of cruise ships. Mass tourism has never been kind to destinations like Zihuatanejo or the Virgin Islands where I used to live. While it's fine that cruise ships come visit for various reasons, I don't believe we should aspire to have a hundred a year as we did one year. That was way too many, and they pose a huge risk to our already overburdened bay as well as causing hotel visitors not to venture into town on the days cruise ships are in port. Two or three dozen or so a year is fine.

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