Casa de asilo “María Auxiliadora”

by debk @, Monday, October 07, 2019, 09:56 (110 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Good Morning Rob! Thanks for your kind words and support. For 2 reasons, my preferred method in receiving donations is a check sent to my church 1) the donor will receive a tax deductible receipt and 2) I receive 100% of the donation. This is not possible for everyone and I certainly welcome any donation, in any manner, but I lose a portion of the donation in commission or fees. GoFundMe is very easy and may be the best method for non US residents.
A check can be sent to:
Cary United Methodist Church UMW
500 First St
Cary IL 60013
memo: Casa Maria

As for the name, you are correct. That name was given to it by the former Board of Directors, which no longer exists. Its management now is only by DIF, which has turned out to be very beneficial to the residents. I'm not sure if the final decision has been made in the renaming but it will not include Casa Maria and will include DIF. Of course, there will always be needs the government cannot meet. This is where "Friends of Casa Maria Asilo" enters, we assist as we can, understanding that we must be respectful of a culture that is different from our own.
With your permission I can post occasional updates on your board for your readers who do not use Facebook.

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