Lay Zih Day in Paradise

by midalake @, Tuesday, October 08, 2019, 13:40 (102 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

> Our presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is in La Unión today, the next municipio north of us where Troncones and La Saladita are. He's touring the ISSTE medical installations there, which I'm sure have been all spruced up for his arrival as well as the entire route he and his entourage will take. He appears unphased that La Unión is a narco stronghold, but we saw lots of Marinos and Policías Estatales this morning all duded up and ready to go provide for his protection even though he claims to travel without a presidential security escort. Yeah, right. Maybe the government will at least fix the potholes on the highway in La Unión. The road is in pretty bad shape in some parts. Hope he enjoys his visit. It's a beautiful day here albeit humid and cloudy. Everything is a dense lush green, which is when Guerrero is at its prettiest.

Joe's Café Marina and Daniel's Restaurant on both sides of the main plaza are back open. Great places to come enjoy breakfast and coffee in the mornings and watch the fishermen bring in their catch.

Work continues on the pier. The half-sunken barge is being repaired. We were told a larger crane is coming to add to the workforce and that they are working 24 hours a day to meet their December deadline. Everyone here is wishing them luck!

The scene yesterday morning from the Paseo del Pescador near the Casa Sun & Moon.

Still not much to see, but they were jackhammering the remaining flat part of the old pier, I guess because it's all being moved westward a meter or two so that the new pilings don't jam into the remains of the old pilings

WOW has got big balls! The only time I want to be in La Union is in a car going by at about 85/mph.


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