Increase in tourist taxes

by Ironwood @, Saturday, October 26, 2019, 14:24 (331 days ago) @ hromero

I am not sure how fair it is to say this is a "mexican" way.....

Amsterdam tourist tax hikes

Tourist taxes in U.S. cities and states

Canadian taxes on tourists

Governments around the world often find taxing people who don't have a vote an appealing way to raise revenue.

I don't think it's promoting an urban myth to suggest that Ixtapa/Zihua hoteliers and other merchants often seem to defy economic common sense by increasing prices in response to declining revenues. If the politicians are now proposing the same peculiar response, is it unfair to then call it "the Mexican way"? Are the politicians in DF suggesting that drastic tax increases will increase tourism? I doubt the other jurisdictions you've mentioned face the same "challenges" that Mexico tourism faces.

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