Dando Lata en Zih

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Those modismo, (an idiomatic expression) are useful and good to know.

People can incorporate them in their conversation and sound like a "real Mexican":vivamexico: (or at least try to).

A modismo used in this region, may not be used in another, and vice versa.

Words such as "chido" "chulada" "padre" o, una frase como "fuera de serie " are also fun.

Try this : No hay pedo
No te preocupes. No hay pedo. Lo puedo arreglar.
Don't worry. It’s no hassle. I can take care of it.

And then those other dichos such as:

El caldo es más caro que las albondigas.

Lo barato le sale caro

This one is cool:

¡Ni yendo a bailar a chalma!

y muchos más, are a MUST to learn & know here.


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