Accessibility issues in Ixtapa

by calis72, Thursday, October 31, 2019, 13:10 (257 days ago)

Hello there. Just found your forum online and first post.

I will be travelling to Ixtapa in January for the first time for a wedding Will be staying at the Park Royal. My 16 year old son is disabled and will be coming with us so I have some questions (this will be the first trip weve done with him since he became disabled so it will be a learning experience for sure).

1. Are wheelchair taxis readily available from the airport?
2. Are wheelchair taxis readily available within ixtapa?
3. Is it possible to rent a 'sand wheelchair' anywhere? These have oversized tires that would allow him to go onto a beach.
4. How accessible is the area typically? Anyone with experience with the Park Royal?

I'm sure there is lots I am forgetting to ask but appreciate any and all feedback!

Looking forward to the trip - Mexico is my favourite holiday destination - just not been to this location yet.


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