Accessibility issues in Ixtapa

by wisconsinjuan @, Thursday, October 31, 2019, 17:49 (254 days ago) @ calis72

I don't have knowledge on the taxis, but if you go to the homepage and click "how to get here" you will come to the taxi page and you will find the names and numbers of the taxi companies. It will be very helpful if you know Spanish when you call. My mother was wheelchair bound and she would have had a very tough time here. Ixtapa is probably way more accessible than Zihua because it is newer and the terrain is flat in the tourist areas.

Do not go to downtown Zihuatanejo. Cobblestone streets, lack of curb cuts and narrow sidewalks will make things very difficul overall, although some areas would be ok.

I have never seen a van with a wheelchair ramp, but there may be a few. The standard taxis are small and your wheelchair would need to fold up and fit in the trunk. I have also never seen a sand wheelchair but call Park Royal and see if they can arrange something. I don't see hardly any wheelchairs here.

Wish I could be more helpful. Good luck.

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