Accessibility issues in Ixtapa

by calis72, Friday, November 01, 2019, 06:15 (253 days ago) @ wisconsinjuan

Hey - thank you so much for the feedback!

I think we will be sticking to Ixtapa for this trip, don't want to be too adventurous until we get a bit more experience dealing with a disability. He's 16 and 6'4" so not like we can easily pick him up or anything.

Taxi with ramp is ideal, but the wheelchair can fold and he is able to transfer himself into a car with no issues, it just means that no space in trunk for anything else. I will definitely check out the taxi page though. I don't speak any spanish so i'm pooched there.

Zihua sounds lovely, i love old architecture and roads like that. I will definitely have to return sometime. I've been to mexico 7 or 8 times but always to the Yucatan.

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