Getting to La Barra de Potosí from Ixtapa

by Laura ⌂ @, Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 22:09 (3468 days ago) @ MN Nice

You've had many great replies full of information! I just want to add a couple of recommendations and an invite...

If you'd like to see the lagoon, do try a tour with Avi-Sharkboy. He is doing a wonderful tour of the lagoon. His English is so good and getting better and he is charming and constantly adding to his information about the flora and fauna of the lagoon. Well worth it! You can connect with him on here.

For restaurants I recommend La Condesa - my personal favorite.

Take a stroll through the village. Everybody who knows me knows I am in love with this village (where I've lived for 15 years). La Barra is a special community and the beauty of the spirit of the people is reflected in their himes and the streets. I love walking through the village. We had several stores now and you might want to shop...all are small businesses being developed by neighbors.

Please stop by and visit our Children's Library and say hello! On the 'main street' which is the center of the three streets. The kids are there from 2 pm in various classes and activities.

Enjoy beautiful La Barra de POtosi! The beach, the lagoon and the village..are all so incredible and magical.

Hasta pronto,
Casa del Encanto B&B Barra de Potosi

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