Transportation strike

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ACAPULCO, Gro., November 1, 2019 @ 20:28hrs - Three public service urvans were set on fire during the last four hours, in different events in the municipality of Zihuatanejo, Costa Grande region of the state. According to the information obtained, a first event occurred at 6 pm on the side of Boulevard de Zihuatanejo, by the Chevrolet car agency. Individuals forced the driver of an Urvan on the Coacoyul-Centro route to stop, let out the passengers and then sprayed gasoline to the vehicle. Being on a slope, the Urvan began to descend and stopped when it crashed into a car of the Ford brand, Focus type, which was parked and the flames reached another compact car. An hour later on Heroico Colegio Militar avenue, another Urvan of public transport was set on fire, with no injured people, as the driver got off before the incident. At 9 p.m., the fire of a third public service Urvan was reported, now by the Fragatas subdivision, on the federal highway to the Zihuatanejo airport. In all three cases, firefighters stifled the fire, the State Police and the National Guard were also present, who cordoned off the area awaiting the arrival of agents of the State Attorney General's Office

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