Día de Muertos en el tiempo de los crematorios

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, November 03, 2019, 23:47 (251 days ago) @ Ironwood

Update on my Halloween rant.
Tonight was about the same as last night. Hundreds of candy wanters were everywhere. The really sad thing was seeing all these tiny kids crying and wanting to go home, but mom keep dragging them around looking for more candy. We saw a few moms sticking their hands in their kids treat bag to get candies. Sad. At least there is only one more night of this.

Interesting posts, especially Rob's. I share his disgust at the "Disneyfication" of Dia de los Muertos. Commercialization taints everything, doesn't it.....from Christmas to Easter, from Mother's Day to St. Valentine's Day, to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.

Coming from a relatively constipated culture that prefers to deal with death by ignoring it, I am at once fascinated and shocked by the whole idea of Dia de los Muertos. The proliferation of and fascination with skulls and skeletons has got me thinking: where I come from, cremation currently seems to be in vogue, rather than traditional burial. Mexico being a Catholic country, and....I could be wrong....Rome not being enamored with cremation, how common are cremations in Mexico? If cremation becomes as "popular" as it is NOB, will that eventually mean the end of skulls and skeletons as the lingua franca of Dia de los Muertos? Nothing scary, or even all that symbolic, about ashes!

Ha! Good one. My first thought when I read your comments was edible or smokable? :smoking:

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