by victorio, Monday, November 04, 2019, 00:06 (251 days ago)
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Our 17+ year old mutt died here last November. He loved it here.
He loved laying on the beach at Playa La Ropa (when the beach nazis weren't around) right at the edge of the beach and the ocean and let the waves wash over him. He loved laying under our table on the beach and people and dog watch.
We buried him on the road from La Ropa to highway 200 in a secret spot overlooking Playa Larga ( probably illegally).
Today we honored him in what we hope is keeping with the Dia de Mourtes tradition.
Today we visited his grave site and honored him. We poured some beer,he loved his beer just like his dad, on his grave and shed a few tears.
Long my you run buddy.

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