Transportation strike/arson

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Monday, November 04, 2019, 10:12 (327 days ago) @ ZihuaRx

Over the past 37 years we have driven over 200,000 miles in Mexico and covered a large part of the country.

Sure wish the drivers in the US had the manners that the Mexicans do. Using flashers when slowing down, if there is a problem (car stopped, cows) ahead, flashing lights at oncoming traffic while giving the slow down arm out the window.

We have experienced demonstrations at toll booths, trucks shutting down roads, burning vehicles, blown up bridges, the "war" in Chiapas. In each case, the local and highway police, who ever they were at the time, always made sure that no one was driving into a serious problem. Yes, in Tobasco once we had to stay at a Pemex for 2 nights until the bridge was retaken and made passable, but there was so much security around that it was an interesting experience, not a life threatening one.

Two years ago, just south of Guadalajara, the highway police stopped every car, asked where they were going and for those of us heading toward Morelia, funneling them off of the toll road and onto other roads. A toll booth had been taken, and they detoured traffic onto other roads to avoid the issue. No problem. We got to see a new area!

You will be traveling with non-Mexican license plates which will make others really watch out for you on the highways and in the case of truck blockades, we were often escorted through in acts of kindness and wanting tourists to have a great impression of their country.

Unless the world ends, the only thing you are likely to experience is toll booths being taken over. This is a very popular way to protest. What happens? No tolls are collected, donations encouraged, and possibly you will receive a paper that explains their complaints. We generally found that with US plates, we were smiled at, occasionally had our hands shaken and were not encouraged to make donations.

Enjoy your drive down, you'll have a great trip.

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