New Easier Pet Importation Regulations

by Doozer, Tuesday, November 05, 2019, 18:21 (1057 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I will be quite interested to see how this works. This is my journal entry from March 5, 2017 - prior to this we had brought our dog Maxie to Zihu several times.

3/5 We are settled in here in Sunny Zihuatanejo. I am finally able to breathe now. We had an incident at the airport upon arrival. Customs looked at Maxie's paperwork and said we needed proof that she had been given medicine for parasites (fleas and worms). This was not a requirement before, but they said we had to have it and they were very stern and intimidating. Finally they said I could take the dog but they would keep my passport until I came back with the proper paperwork from a vet.

I thank the Lord for our hotel owner Lucy. When we arrived and I told her what happened, she made arrangements and took Maxie and I to her vet this morning, we got the paperwork based on my telling her that we had given Maxie the parasite medicine at home (which we had). Then Lucy took me back to the airport and we got my passport back. The people at the airport told Lucy that this new "rule" had gone into effect in January, but no one was told about it.

- so for the past two years we have left Maxie at home for fear of getting it wrong again or of some other complications. Without bringing Maxie with us we have to limit our time in Zihu to two weeks as I don't want to impose on my (aging) mother is take care of her longer than that.

Thank you Talley Ho for sharing this important information.

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