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Nov. 6 2019

Excerpt from post by gemini1967

I understand saving the beauty of traveling in Mexico, but please quit burying your head in the sand. The cartels are dangerous and I don't know who is in charge of safety. The police and military don't seem to get a handle on these problems, just hope you don't get caught in the crossfire.

My interpretation of gemini67 post is that one should NOT get complacent, and keep your guard up at ALL times.
Don't take anything, especially your personal safety, for granted.
Obviously, the possibility does exist that even if one takes all the precautions they can possibly do, one can't predict some events and could "get caught in the crossfire". That applies to wherever one may be.

His comment about the military and whatever law enforcement corporations that "don't seem to get a handle on these problems", from my observation, for the most part is correct.
I observe time and time again the freedom all the delincuent groups enjoy here locally in Z, as well as in the rest of Mexico, to comit their crimes, as it is very rare that any of them are caught and brought to justice.

That said, the majority of people come and go to Mexico without any incidents, and return home safe and sound.


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