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The problem with "keeping your guard up at ALL times" is that it leads to mountains of stress and has you on the fast track to a stroke or heart attack. No time to smell the roses or sip margaritas by the pool when you always need to be hyper alert.

About 20%-25% of any population has an overactive fear center in their brains that causes them to be frightened of most everything, particularly the 'other', all day every day, an overstimulation of largely imaginary threats. We generally call such people 'conservatives' or 'concealed carriers', people who carry around too much baggage, who have too much trouble navigating everyday life, always seeking absolute safety and security and finding neither.

This is not to say one shouldn't be a little vigilant and take some precautions. But fear shouldn't rule, shouldn't become an all-consuming obsession, especially on vacation in sunny, tropical Mexico. Somehow some 80 million Mexicans can go about their daily lives without packing and without getting caught in a cartel crossfire. Amazing, isn't it? I can do that too without needing a bazooka hidden in my shorts. So I don't generally worry about such things. Life is too short and life is not guaranteed. There are risks I'm willing to take. And like most others on this board, I like to relax and sip an occasional Pacifico by the pool and chill out for a while. I'm even willing to talk to scary strangers. You should try it sometime. And leave the Glock and the paranoia at the door. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel.

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