Looking for Physical Therapist Recommendations

by MonkeyJenn ⌂, Zihuatanejo, Thursday, November 07, 2019, 11:46 (248 days ago)

Hi Everyone -

Last week in Oaxaca sweet and vibrant divemaster Jessica took a nasty slip on a rotten mango...she crashed her knee into a curb and shattered her knee cap. After emergency surgery and 2 nights in the hospital, 3 days resting in Oaxaca we finally managed to get her back home to Zihua. It was a pretty hairy trip, but she's back here safe (if not yet sound!). Jess is a full time resident of Zihua for almost 4 years, so all her friends are doing our best to look after her.

In a few weeks she will need to begin physical therapy to get her knee/leg working again. Can you post some recommendations/experiences you have with local physical therapists? We would much appreciate it!!

Also...if you want more info or to help out in other ways...there's this:
Jess's GoFundMe Page


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