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by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Thursday, November 21, 2019, 14:31 (229 days ago) @ Amiga de Montreal

Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and we will be in Zihua for a couple of months next January. We are coming every year for many years. We want to find a good sport massotherapist that can come to our condo twice a week. Over the years, we have try many of the massotherapist on the beach or in the hotels and a couple at home but never find yet a very good one (male or female)with strong hands to do a real sport massage. My husband and I play tennis 3 times a week (at the Thompson Hotel) so if there are tennis players that are looking for partners (single or double)let us know!

I appreciate your question. As a former chiropractor and bodywork/massage therapist I am also always looking for someone who can tune into my body and help it along. I always find it ludicrous when someone is designated as the "best" massage therapist. Because it really boils down to someone who has the sensitivity and skill to help you along.
That said I have over the few years that I have been going to Zihua found a few practitioners who have been able to work on me to the extent that I seek them out specifically. There is the matter of strength as I am fairly muscular. But there is also the matter of sensitivity, skill, rhythm and probably other subtle factors.
It's been quite a few months since I've been to Zihua and I will be there again in January for an extended stay.
So my suggestions may be dated.
In the past I can recommend a woman whose name I cannot remember who works at the Sun and Moon in Madera.
There is another woman, whose name I cannot remember and cannot even remember the name of the "tent" she works in on La Ropa but it is in the middle of the beach.
I realize my suggestions are of limited value since they are SO vague but the point is that I hope we can stay in touch and share information about massage therapists who we find to be helpful.

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