Bancomer NO Santander YES

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Friday, November 22, 2019, 13:22 (235 days ago) @ NYCJulia
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Thank you, Marty, for your response. My friends just confirmed they, too, were successful with Santander. Don’t know what’s up w Bancomer. My friends DID NOT advise Schwab in advance of their trip; they travel a lot and evidently don’t check with Schwab beforehand. Our experience is that we ALWAYS call Schwab in advance and give them our dates. EVEN THEN, we have been locked out a couple of times, both in Berlin, Germany, when I had to call them to unlock the account even though they admitted their records showed we had alerted them as to the dates of our travels.

You are probably aware that you can also set up Travel Notices online with Schwab.
Also from Schwab website:

"More Information

Please check the expiration date of your debit card prior to submitting this Travel Notice to ensure the card does not expire during your travel time. Always check for any suspicious activity and immediately report that activity to Schwab.
Travel Monitoring is designed to monitor for fraudulent activity when travelling internationally or domestically with a minimum inconvenience to you. When travel monitoring is active, we continue to monitor the card for high risk transactions.
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. processes account documentation on behalf of Schwab Bank."

You can also set up Travel Notices for future travels.

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