Noise pollution

by maggie, Monday, November 25, 2019, 05:53 (611 days ago) @ jaui

True enough but as I thought more about my message I realized that I am in fact sounding like a curmudgeon.
perhaps my objection is not with the amplifier but with the lack of originality and skill of the musicians. Being of a certain age I find listening to music from the past tedious and annoying. Much rather listen to a talented mariachi band playing and singing Mexican songs, We are visitors to this complex and magnificent country and listening to the music of Mexico is much more interesting than the noise currently assaulting our senses. If not traditional or modern Mexican music then let’s Instead listen to the music of the ocean, of the cicadas and the night breeze in the palms. Such beauty in all of this and when it is really quiet and if you listen closely you will hear the stars laughing.

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