ZIHing Red -- the Mormon tragedy

by Canada Pete @, Vancouver Island / San Jose / Houston, Friday, November 29, 2019, 13:57 (219 days ago) @ zulualpha

Because Mexico was such a peaceful place prior to Trump.

Mexico and Zihu-Ixtapa exist from US Money and tourism.

There's more than a million dollars a day coming from the US to Zihu -Ixtapa this time of year.

If the Red Travel Advisory is not enough, folks come and read your comments to see what the locals are thinking and doing. You locals don't do yourselves many favors.

Good thing message boards can be a good source of information, but they don't have a very good input from the majority.

P.S. I don't EVER wear anything that identifies my country in a foreign country. It's nothing more than a target. Best to just blend in, enjoy where you are and not get involved in other peoples business.

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